Time : 05:03 (am)

Date : 10/20/2021

Day : Wednesday

Time : 05:03 (am)

Date : 10/20/2021

Day : Wednesday


The Village of Mt. Orab is a zoned village. Zoning permits are required for building, improving and altering property located inside the village limits. Zoning permits are handled by the Mt. Orab Zoning Administrator located at 211 South High Street . Permits range in price depending upon the type and size of the project. A zoning permit must be obtained prior to applying for a building permit from the Brown County Building Department. Zoning permits are valid for up to six (6) months from the date issued. The Zoning Administrator can be reached by phone at 937-444-4141.

Building permits are issued by the Brown County Building Department located at 204 E. Cherry Street in nearby Georgetown, Ohio. The Building Department can be contacted at 937-378-4716. Building permits are required for all new construction, renovations, installations, and additions to manufactured homes, electrical work, plumbing and sewer changes. Inspections for construction and remodeling are conducted by the Brown County Building Department, while plumbing inspections are conducted by the Health Department. 


Contact Information
Jeremy Young

Zoning Administrator
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



 Frequently Asked Questions About . . . Zoning in Mt. Orab

 The following is a list of questions regarding Zoning inside Mt. Orab.


Q. Is there zoning in Mt. Orab?

 A. Yes, every parcel of land inside the Village of Mt. Orab is zoned.


Q. What are the different types of property zoning in Mt. Orab?

A. Property can be zoned residential, business, or industrial.


Q. When do I need to have a zoning permit?

A. If you are building a new structure (ex. house, garage), adding to an existing structure, enclosing an area with a fence, building a deck, installing a pool, widening a driveay, adding a storage shed or building, or installing a sign.


Q. Do I also need a building permit?

 A. You will need a building permit if you are constructing a new residence or commercial building. You need to first obtain a zoning permit then apply for a building permit.


Q. Do you need a zoning permit when remodeling an existing building?

A. If you are not changing the size or shape of the building or adding additional structures, you do not need a zoning permit.


Q. Can the zoning of a property be changed?

 A. To change the zoning of a property, the property owner must file a request for the change followed by a hearing by the Zoning Board. The Zoning Board has the authority to approve or deny any requested changes. Based on recommendation by the Zoning Board, Village Council would have final approval for any change.


Q. Where can I obtain a zoning permit form?

A. Forms are available at the Village offices at 211 South High Street or on the Village website.


Q. Do I need a zoning permit for a driveway tile? 

A. Yes, and it cannot be smaller than 12" in diameter. If it is plastic it must be double wall with the inside smooth and has to be inspected by the zoning department.


Q. Do I need a permit to fill in my ditch with pipe between the ditch and the street?

A. Yes, it cannot be smaller thatn 12" in diameter and has to be double wall If it is plastic and it has to be inspected by the zoning department.


Q. Are campers and or boats permitted to be parked in a residential driveway?

A.  ZONING ORDINACE 336 - ARTICLE III  SEC 3.4  A mobile home, camping trailer, and/or boat owned by a resident of a dwelling unit on a particular lot may be located on the lot, except where prohibited by restrictions in deed, provided it is parked in the rear yard, meets the setback requirements for an accessory building in the district in which it is located, has no utility or service connections, and is not used for dwelling or sleeping purposes.



2021 Zoning Permit Fees



Storage Shed  $10.00
Detached Garage $10.00
Swimming Pool $10.00
House  $20.00
Driveway Addition / Extension $10.00
Fences   $10.00